Holistically Devoted Assisted Living is a family-owned

organization that operates two facilities. We provide nothing but

the highest standard of holistic care and devoted service to our

residents and their families, which we demonstrate through

our advanced educational accomplishments and extensive

experience in health care services and business


HDAL's health program is administered by our

Healthcare Manager - a registered nurse (RN) of many

years, who is licensed in Maryland and Washington, DC.

She administers all health care provided to our residents,

including medication administration, and is certified to train 

caregiving employees to effectively deliver such care under her

nursing license. She is also certified to function as the facility's

Delegating Nurse/Case Manager and Primary Assisted Living Manager (ALM)

HDAL's business functions are handled by our Business Manager, who has earned the degree of Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business, and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from two Maryland universities. As needed, our Business Manager can perform caregiving services for our residents as a trained and licensed assisted living facility medical technician. He is also certified to function as the facility's Alternate Assisted Living Manager (AALM)

We, the co-owners of HDAL, manage and operate the facility together as a married couple. The facility itself previously existed as our private residence - a four-bedroom rambler-style home located in the quiet and comfortable Pointer Ridge neighborhood of Bowie, Maryland - which we converted to meet the state regulations for assisted living.