Fall Prevention for the Elderly

Falls, and the risk of falling, present a very serious issue to the aging community. An interesting, yet very unfortunate fact, is that each year 1 in 3 adults over the age of 65 fall in, and around, their homes. Out of these falls, 20-30% can cause moderate to severe bodily injury, including the possibility of brain injuries and death.

We here at Holistically Devoted Assisted Living Facility (HDAL) take very seriously the risk of our residents falling, and have implemented various safety mechanisms and procedures to minimize the possibility of this happening. In the interest of sharing this relevant and useful information with our readership, who we expect consists of the elderly or those caring for the elderly, we have included the following list of tips you can use to reduce the risk of falling.

  1. Choose your shoes wisely. Shoes with low heels and slip-resistant soles are probably the best option for someone who is at a greater risk of falling.

  2. Keep your living areas clutter-free. Many falls are caused by tripping over power cords, area rugs, and other clutter strewn about living spaces. By keeping your living area clean and clutter-free, you can minimize the risk of tripping.

  3. Fall-proof your bathrooms. Many falls occur in bathrooms due to wet floors and other slippery surfaces. You can fall-proof your bathrooms by installing hand rails on the walls and in the tub/shower, by adding non-skid mats in and immediately outside of the tub/shower, and by installing raised toilet seats.

  4. Keep your home well-lit. Many people, young and old, fall due to not being able to see and navigate their immediate area as a result of poor lighting. You can minimize this risk by making your home is as well lit as possible, and by ensuring that access to light fixtures are as accessible as possible. Examples of how this is done include opening your blinds during the day to let light in, keeping lamps on nightstands for ease of accessibility, using clap-on or motion-sensing lighting if possible, and by equipping your home with nightlights.

We hope that the information presented above is useful to prevent falls, for both you and your loved ones. Again, we at HDAL take very seriously the risk of falling, and work very diligently to ensure that we operate a safe living environment for all our residents. We encourage you to contact us today to see for yourself!


The Owners of Holistically Devoted Assisted Living Facility

Holistically Devoted Assisted Living Facility (HDAL) is the premier assisted living facility in Prince George's County, Maryland. At HDAL, we deliver holistic health care to our residents - by meeting all their personal needs while allowing them the dignity of being freethinking and independent adults; and we provide devoted service - by being ever-present as servants in the lives of our residents as we assist them with performing their activities of daily living.

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