HDAL at Bowiefest 2017

This past Saturday, June 3, we took two of our residents out for the afternoon to enjoy the 2017 Bowiefest. Bowiefest is a longstanding tradition in the city of Bowie, MD. The event is a day-long festival, which gives the city an opportunity to showcase the best that it has to offer.

Featured at Bowiefest were entertainers, musicians, games, rides, civic organizations, and food and business vendors. To say that our residents had a blast would be an understatement.

Events like Bowiefest really showcase the gem that is the City of Bowie. There's so much to see, do, and enjoy in Bowie; and that's one of the primary reasons we chose to locate Holistically Devoted Assisted Living (HDAL) here. We intend to continue taking advantage of all the great activities and amenities provided by our wonderful city, to create even greater experiences for our residents. Please contact us today to find out more!


The Owners of Holistically Devoted Assisted Living Facility

Holistically Devoted Assisted Living Facility (HDAL) is the premier assisted living facility in Prince George's County, Maryland. At HDAL, we deliver holistic health care to our residents - by meeting all their personal needs while allowing them the dignity of being freethinking and independent adults; and we provide devoted service - by being ever-present as servants in the lives of our residents as we assist them with performing their activities of daily living.

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