HDAL at the 2017 PG County Family & Friends Day Festival

This past Sunday, August 27, the owners of Holistically Devoted Assisted Living (HDAL) hosted a vendor's table at the 2017 Prince George's County Family & Friends Day Festival in Upper Marlboro, MD.

This year's festival was the seventh edition of the event, and was presented by PG County Council Member, Mel Franklin. The purpose of the festival is to bring together families within the county, and to display the various businesses that operate in the area. It's a very family-friendly event, which included food, games, entertainment and a performance by PG County's own Raheem DeVaughn.

We spent the afternoon at the festival, not only representing HDAL, but also educating those who visited our table on what assisted living is, and the philosophy of caring for our aging community.

This recent festival is a testament to the great place PG County is, and we at HDAL are very proud to be able to serve the aging community within our County. For more information, please visit us at holisticallydevoted.com.


The Owners of Holistically Devoted Assisted Living Facility

Holistically Devoted Assisted Living Facility (HDAL) is the premier assisted living facility in Prince George's County, Maryland. At HDAL, we deliver holistic health care to our residents - by meeting all their personal needs while allowing them the dignity of being freethinking and independent adults; and we provide devoted service - by being ever-present as servants in the lives of our residents as we assist them with performing their activities of daily living.

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