Happy Birthday Holistically Devoted!

In our initial blog entry, we mentioned that assisted living facilities in the state of Maryland are governed by the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene - Office of Health Care Quality (OHCQ). The OHCQ issues licenses to facilities statewide, permitting them to legally operate.

Holistically Devoted Assisted Living (HDAL) received its license on November 13, 2016; which means that, as of a couple weeks ago, we reached our one-year mark! This is something that we are extremely proud of.

As we reflect back on our first year of operations, there are two things we can definitely say: operating an assisted living facility is very hard work, but it is also the most rewarding work we have ever done. As we've said before, this is the love and labor of our lives. From our residents (and their families) to our employees, we have the lives and well-being of so many people in our hands; and this is something we manage with the utmost pride and respect.

To the families of our residents - we sincerely hope that you are, and continue to be, satisfied with the care we provide to your loved ones. We thank you for entrusting us with their care. To our caregivers - we sincerely hope that we are, and continue to be, good employers to you. We thank you for being of service to us, so that we can be of service to others.

Cheers to HDAL's first birthday, and here's to many more!


The Owners of Holistically Devoted Assisted Living Facility

Holistically Devoted Assisted Living Facility (HDAL) is the premier assisted living facility in Prince George's County, Maryland. At HDAL, we deliver holistic health care to our residents - by meeting all their personal needs while allowing them the dignity of being freethinking and independent adults; and we provide devoted service - by being ever-present as servants in the lives of our residents as we assist them with performing their activities of daily living.

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