Becoming a Better You Through Holistic Self-Care

In this day and age, everyone is a busy bee with places to go, people to see, and things to do. In a society that operates with nonstop communication, and with the pressures to perform at the very top of your game, it’s no wonder that people frequently forget to practice self-care. Unfortunately, forgoing self-care has been linked to high rates of depression, anxiety, physical ailments, and other mental health obstacles.

Making sure you’re taking care of yourself can be tricky and time-consuming, but the benefits are huge. Let’s discuss some ways to prioritize taking care of yourself.

Checking in with the Present

After years of self-neglect, you may find it hard to turn the metaphorical ship around, but it can be done by intentionally implementing the following:

  • Scheduling — Schedule a time in the day to center yourself the same way you plan to eat lunch or take a shower. This should be a non-negotiable time that you spend centering your brain on the present.

  • Designating an Area — Designate a space or room in your home just for meditation that is free from distraction and clutter. Make sure your friends and family know that if you’re in this area, they are not to disturb you unless there’s an emergency.

  • Arousing Your Senses – Find sounds, colors, and scents that bring you to the present and help bring peace to your well-being.

  • Meditating – You can follow guided meditations or self-meditations; just make sure to do some mediation, check in with your body, and let your mind dwell in the present. It’s okay to let your mind wander, but always try to bring it back. So much of our lives are spent in the past and future, that even checking in for five, 10, 15 or 30 minutes in the present will rejuvenate you for the rest of the day.

Prioritizing Your Body

Sometimes, we can push our bodies to the point of exhaustion. Eating poorly will catch up with you quickly by depleting your energy, creating brain fog and causing weight gain. Avoiding exercising will affect your mental health and leave you feeling weak and depleted. Missing crucial hours of sleep can also zap your energy and leave you unable to function.

Making the time and effort to care for your body will lead to great results. The time you spend is not wasted time; it will make you more efficient in all you do.

Incorporate into your days and weeks:

  • Planned meals that are full of nutrients that your body needs (meal planning or meal deliveries are perfect resources).

  • Planned sleep, which may mean forgoing television shows or mindless scrolling on social media. Blue light is proven to interfere with natural sleep-wake signals, but the engagement of what you’re doing also stimulates your brain. Try disconnecting and unwinding an hour or more before bed to get that much-needed sleep.

  • Planned exercise; avoid early burnout by not making a goal of seven days a week gym times. Do start slow (for example, a 30-minute walk three times a week) and build up from there. In no time, you will crave the endorphins.

Saying 'No'

No one person can do it all. We like to think we can, but it’s not possible. Abandon today the notion that you have to please everyone and that things will only get done if you do them. Free yourself from the burden of always feeling like you’re obligated to perform. Examine what is most important to you and say “yes” to those things. To the rest, say “no.” You’ll find you have more time to rest and restore if you set boundaries.

Taking better care of yourself will make you a better person overall. By prioritizing your whole body and looking for holistic ways to create a better self, you’ll notice yourself becoming a better partner, friend, parent, employee, and co-worker, as well as an overall healthier, happier person. Start by setting a time and place to enjoy the present, prioritize your physical wellness, and learn to determine and set your boundaries.

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Taking a holistic approach to your personal health can provide immense benefits and make us all better. Thanks are due to Sheila Olson for her contribution. Sheila Olson has been a personal trainer for five years. She believes the best way to achieve physical fitness and good health is to set and tackle small goals. She encourages her clients to stay positive and incorporates mindfulness and practices for reducing negative talk into her sessions. She created to spread the word about her fitness philosophy.


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